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Copenhagen restaurant serves some of the world’s best pizza slices

Vegan eatery Madeinitaly makes the top 50

The 14th best in the world! (photo:
September 17th, 2019 4:11 pm| by Madison Bober

Pizza by the slice originated in 17th century Naples, Italy, where working-class Neapolitans required inexpensive food that could be consumed quickly to eat as they walked.

It quickly skyrocketed in popularity when Neapolitan immigrants took the cuisine to the United States, where it became a common commodity – now, almost every pizzeria that wants to be lucrative sells pizza by the slice.

Madeinitaly, made in Denmark
Following on from two restaurants in Denmark, Baest and Mother, making a list of the top 50 pizza pies in the world, another Copenhagen eatery has just been included on a global list for producing one of the best pizza slices.

International travel site Big 7 Travel ranked Madeinitaly at number 14 on a line-up of 50 pizzerias.

The list was based on votes from Big 7 readers on social media, the travel site’s editorial team and online reviews.

A slice of pizza – hold the dairy
The pizzeria, which opened its doors in Nyhavn in 2018, established itself as Denmark’s first Italian vegan restaurant, making its pizzas with cashew and soya cheeses and plant-based ‘meat’.

“The beauty here is that you won’t even for one second notice you are missing the meat,” the review of the restaurant reads.

Madeinitaly’s avant-garde menu extends beyond its critically acclaimed pizza slice by offering homemade vegan pastas and cakes.

And the winner is …?
To absolutely no-one’s surprise, the top place to indulge in a slice of pizza is the L’industrie pizzeria in New York City, which often boasts a line around the block for its fare.

While New York pizzerias made four appearances in the top 50, Italy ended up with six, leaving the powerful duopoly over the world’s best pizzas undisturbed.