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Danish firefighters going to Australia after all

Small group of volunteers to assist organisation in clearing up in areas ravaged by fire

Australia has been gobbled up by flames in recent weeks (photo: BlazeAid)
January 13th, 2020 10:47 am| by Christian W

Last week, the Australian government declined a Danish offer to dispatch around 50 firefighters to help battle its many fires.

But now it has emerged that a small group of Danish volunteer firefighters will be heading Down Under after all.

A group of 10 Danes are flying to Australia to assist the organisation BlazeAid‘s efforts to cut down trees and clear areas to allow people to return to their homes.

“They’ll arrive at a disaster area that has been ravaged by fire. They’ll see much destruction. Everything is black and burned out,” BlazeAid deputy head Christina Male told DR Nyheder.

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Need funding
Søren Elkrog, who runs the Facebook page for the volunteer firefighters, must pick just ten out of 125 potential candidates.

The firefighters are not permitted to bring equipment from their own fire stations.

Additionally, they are looking for companies to help fund their undertaking.

To help, contact them at this Facebook page.