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Denmark ’greening’ up relations with India

Danish climate agenda an integral component of the foreign minister’s visit to New Delhi this week

Loads of potential (photo: Pixabay)
January 14th, 2020 5:20 pm| by Christian W

When foreign minister Jeppe Kofod travels to New Delhi tomorrow, one of the key aspects of this agenda will be making relations with India more sustainable.

Kofod contends that it is paramount that India actively participates in improving the climate.

“India must be on board if we are to attain the global climate goals,” said Kofod.

“I will underline that we all win through green co-operation.”

As part of this visit, Kofod will give a speech at the Raisina Dialogue conference – the first Danish foreign minister to do so.

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Immense export potential
The minister will also visit a waste water canal, where Danish technology is used to collect plastic trash.

Wastewater in is a massive problem for the big rivers in the region, such as the Ganges and the Yamuna.

Relations between Denmark and India go centuries back and the two countries will celebrate their 400-year anniversary in 2020.

But despite this, just 0.5 percent of Danish export goes to India, something that Kofod wants to remedy.

“There is great potential for Danish companies to co-operate within, for instance, green city development, environment, water and energy. India is the world’s seventh-biggest economy,” said Kofod.

To this end, he will also pay a visit to the Confederation of Indian Industries along with leaders from the Danish business sector.