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27 Jan, 2016
7° Celsius

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Danish Parliament adopts highly-criticised asylum austerity measures

A majority of Danish MPs have today passed a new controversial immigration bill that introduces a number of asylum austerity… read more

First Dane stricken with the Zika virus

A Danish tourist has contracted the Zika virus, confirms Lars Østergaard, a  consultant and professor at the Department of Infectious… read more

Denmark still the world’s least corrupt country

Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world. For the fourth year in a row, the country has topped… read more

Danske Bank to prevent ATM thefts with DNA spray

Danske Bank is going to use a DNA-based technology to prevent ATM thefts, reports TV2. The bank’s ATMs will be… read more

Hackers stole sensitive data from Danish land register

Foreign hackers have stolen thousands of pieces of confidential data from the Danish land register and made private information accessible… read more


Springing back from the scrapheap: the eternal hoptimist

While Danish design has long had a reputation as being ’functional’, sometimes its greatest designs serve no real purpose at… read more


Late-January Music: Not a bad view from where we're standing

It isn’t that far from Dundee to Copenhagen, but The View have come via a pub backroom, hit single ‘Same… read more

Into the Wetlands: Keeping Denmark’s Everglades on the map, handling 12 million flights a year

We all know that Heathrow is Europe’s busiest airport, but which one handles the most transit flights? Frankfurt, the eternal… read more

Rihanna and Sting headed to Smukfest this summer

Rihanna and Sting are among the big names who will be entertaining the crowds at this year’s Smukfest. The festival,… read more

Coming up soon: Auditions, art and all the answers please!

Everyone is welcome at the community art project ‘Peace of Art’ to paint a huge painting in collaboration with like-minded… read more