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04 May, 2016
13° Celsius

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School in Lyngby refuses admission to six Muslim women in niqabs

VUC Lyngby has refused admission to six Muslim girls in niqabs due to concerns that “free and unhindered communication” would… read more

Danes charged double for debit card purchases

An error at Nets, the company that administers the Dankort, has caused thousands of customers to be charged twice for… read more

Young Danes feel insecure about their bodies

Every third young Dane is averse to showing their bodies to others, according to a new YouGov survey on behalf… read more

Back to nature: Danes increasingly joining outdoor clubs

The number of Danes joining scout associations, getting a hunting licence or taking up winter-bathing has been growing steadily over… read more

Denmark may be forced out of Dublin Resolution if it refuses to accept refugees quotas

The EU is expected to present new reforms to its common asylum system on Wednesday, and it looks as if… read more


Mayday! For our work-life balance, we will fight them on the benches!

Last weekend saw thousands of working people take to the streets and parks to enjoy the sunshine with beer and… read more


Museums Corner: May be too late: final call for a fantastic four

This is the final call. This month’s Museums Corner will remind you of all the wonderful exhibitions that are about… read more

Inside This Month: Blindsided by a fear of paedos and the dark Danish humour

I should have been suspicious. My 11-year-old daughter was instigating a conversation. The last time that happened, she took me… read more

The Director’s Cut: Crap, Graceless, Insipid

Am I the only one fed up with the over-use of CGI in movies? It’s just a load of crap.… read more

Early-May Events: Red Flag, Mayday! Do not miss this!

The long Whitsun weekend is coming up and once again the palatial Ledreborg estate will open its rolling gardens and… read more