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26 May, 2016
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Every fourth Dane prefers the word 'Neger'

According to a new YouGov survey on behalf of Metroxpress newspaper, about one quarter (24 percent) of the Danish population… read more

Increasing numbers of workers reporting symptoms that may be tied to toxic chemical exposure

Ever since DR’s ’21 Søndag’ series broke the story that 64 former employees of Siemens had reportedly fallen chronically sick with… read more

Denmark's bathing water continues to getting cleaner

A new report from the EU has revealed that the quality of Denmark’s bathing lakes and beaches are at the… read more

New study reveals what Danes are tuning into most on Netflix

A new study by YouGov for Metroxpress has revealed just what Danes are sitting down to when they get back… read more

Aarhus among Lonely Planet's top European destinations

‘The ‘City of Smiles’ has a lot to grin about these days. In January, TripAdvisor voted Villa Provence the best… read more


Blonde bombshell! Scandinavia's global penetration is deep

Take a walk around Copenhagen, or just about any place in Scandinavia, and people with black or even brown hair… read more


Three nights of wall-to-wall theatre

The Copenhagen Theatre Circle is staging its second Fringe Festival after last year’s success, bringing you music, drama and excitement… read more

At Cinemas: Festival darlings and pariahs

In the glare of French sunshine and press flashbulbs, Cannes continues its midwifery, birthing many of the films we’ll be… read more

Worth sailing over stormy waters for

Rod Stewart & The Platinums Thu May 26, 19:30; Malmö Arena, Hyllie Stationstorg 2, Malmö; 1,270kr Rod Stewart is a… read more

Immune to fatigue, meet the new X-kids on the block

When Bryan Singer returned to this franchise with 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, the series he helped create back… read more