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13 Sep, 2016
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More than 500 students pulled out of Danish-Turkish schools in Denmark

A list shared on social media accuses 14 Danish-Turkish private schools of being “terrorist schools” and supporters of  the Gülen… read more

16-year-old Danish scientist among Europe's best

16-year-old Frederikke Uldahl from Vejle is headed to Brussels on Thursday to represent Denmark in a competition to crown Europe’s… read more

Stones dropped on motorists on motorway near Copenhagen

Police are investigating another case involving heavy stones being dropped on a motorist from a motorway bridge. The latest incident… read more

Danish man handed suspended sentence for "mercy killing"

A court in Helsingør gave a 78-year-old man a suspended sentence on Monday for killing his ailing wife with sleeping… read more

Development plans for Copenhagen nature area revealed

City and port developers By & Havn have revealed their plans for Amager Fælled, the urban nature area in south… read more


How Mama Pia's influence has spread beyond Danish shores

In September 2012, Pia Kjærsgaard stood down as leader of the anti-immigration party Dansk Folkeparti (DF), which she has led… read more


Food so Italian we could last days in Disco

Italian food is back. It never really left us, but now it’s trendy and cheese-ier and about more than just… read more

Sounds of the suburbs and sideburns in the Seventies

Golden Days Sep 9-25, various times and venues; some events require fee, In a world that keeps moving forward,… read more

Mid-September Events: Every dog has his day

Dog’s day at Tivoli Sep 11; Tivoli; over-8s: 99kr, under-8s: free adm, multiride wristband: 209kr; Treat the kids to… read more

Among the nooks and crannies of the Opera House

Opera House tour every Sat until Nov 26 at 12:00, additional times on Sat & Sun in Sep; Ekvipagemestervej 10,… read more