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03 Jan, 2017
6° Celsius

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Underwhelming year ahead for women in Danish film

The credits of the 26 feature films being released in Denmark this coming year make grim reading for anyone championing the… read more

Danish research: Facebook makes users sad, depressed and lonely

Danes who stop using  Facebook for just a week are happier, less angry and less lonely than those who continue checking the… read more

Danish researcher imitates nature to develop new sports technology

A lecturer from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is together with his students developing new sports technology inspired by nature.… read more

Copenhagen to triple number of cargo bike stands

Copenhagen Municipality has announced plans to more than triple the number of special parking spaces for cargo bikes and trailers. The… read more

Queen tells Danes to look within themselves during NYE speech

Aside from a brief coughing fit and a lunge for a glass of water deftly hidden behind a vase full… read more


Prince Romanov dead at 90

Prince Dmitri Romanov, the oldest living relative of Nicholas II, the last Russian tsar, died aged 90 on New Year’s… read more


You thought the weather was bad? This year's CTC pantomime is chilling!

Since the winter of 2011-12, the Copenhagen Theatre Circle has been delighting both young and old with its annual pantomime,… read more

Leave the beastly Grim Reaper’s bestie behind in style

Looking to try something new this New Year’s Eve but don’t know what to do? There are plenty of happenings… read more

At Cinemas: Not getting on – how bookies target diseased punters

Nobody wants a good tip these days! I place three to four bets a year, always at long odds, and… read more

A treasure hunt where royal secrets are no longer hush-hush

‘The Secret of Power’ is a new treasure hunt activity at Christiansborg Palace provided by renowned Danish event and games… read more