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15 Mar, 2017
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DF: Dual citizenship was a mistake

The government’s decision to permit dual citizenship in Denmark was a mistake, according to right-wing party Dansk Folkeparti (DF). DF… read more

Company behind Copenhagen's city bike program going bankrupt

The Danish bicycle rental company GoBike, which provides the white electric- driven bicycles for Copenhagen’s city bike program, has gone bankrupt… read more

More elderly Danes getting divorced

The divorce rate among Danes over the age of 60 has increased significantly over the past six years, according to figures… read more

Tak Sandi! Comedian nets Denmark first-ever CoScan International Award

In between Brexit and overdoing the hygge, the ever-misguided British people have been serving themselves hot lashings of ‘Nordic Matters’,… read more

Danish researchers make mustard a viable oil crop

In a world constantly looking for new sources for vegetable oil to aid food production and produce biofuel, some Danish researchers… read more


School project leads to sensational find of German WWII aircraft in Jutland

A Danish farmer and his son have made one of the more sensational discoveries in recent times after finding the… read more


The Road Less Taken: Is Danish happiness an inside job?

Some weeks ago I was conducting research at Danish schools trying to gain a deeper understanding of how Danes actively… read more

CPH Career: Deciphering a job ad

In my consultancy work I have noticed something astonishing about the way people understand job advertisements. Rubbish code crackers I… read more

Startup Community: Seven key learnings from building a startup

For the past two years, I have been a part of building a sustainable and scalable business for a startup… read more

This Week's Editorial: Above the clouds the sky is blue

In Beijing last weekend, the National People’s Congress opened with the promise to clear the air so the sky is… read more