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30 Mar, 2017
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Danish state company in double role over tax havens

Danske Spil, the state-owned gambling franchise, earns millions by making its casino games available to customer based outside Denmark via companies… read more

Danish aid workers caught out on camera encouraging 'black work'

In connection with the making of a TV2 documentary entitled ‘Illegal in Denmark’, three counsellors at DanChurchSocial (Kirkens Korshær) have… read more

Minister widely condemned for encouraging public to grass up illegal immigrant pizza workers

Social media is awash with Danes showing their support for their local pizza man following another faux pas by Inger… read more

Minister in hot water over fish quotas

Esben Lunde Larsen, the agriculture and food minister, has been accused of lying to Parliament over the allocation of fish… read more

Danish exports to Britain growing despite Brexit fears

Despite fears of the opposite, Denmark’s exports to the UK have continued to grow even after the Brexit vote, says Sydbank’s… read more


How little old Denmark oversaw territories in India, Africa and the West Indies

While much has been written about the famous British East India Company, few realise that the British version was one… read more


Concert review: Tory Lanez not toned down by international success

On Monday March 27, burgeoning Canadian rapper/singer Tory Lanez hit Store Vega – his second performance on Danish soil in… read more

CPH:DOX review: ‘Beuys’

This documentary is an entertaining portrait of the renowned German artist, Joseph Beuys. He is famous for his memorable face (buckled… read more

Copenhagen Jazz Festival in shitstorm after Israeli denial

Copenhagen Jazz Festival has landed on thin ice due to its controversial response to a query from an Israeli musician over… read more

Easy riding: Denmark's first motorcycle cafe revving it up in Copenhagen

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to straddle 500cc while ordering a mocha latte, then you’re in luck. Next… read more