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16 Jul, 2019
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History-making football ladies return home to cheers

A quarter of a century after the Danish men’s football team returned home from Sweden to be celebrated at City… read more

Bicycle theft in Denmark at record low

With all the bicycles pedalling about in Denmark, bicycle theft has long been a problem. But it looks like the… read more

Minister stripped of fishing duties

As Brexit negotiations regarding EU fishing right enters the critical phase, the minister for food and environment, Esben Lunde Larsen,… read more

Denmark is the undisputed OECD wind energy champ

When it comes to the amount of wind energy produced per capita, no OECD nation even comes remotely close to… read more

Danish research: UV-treated milk could boost prematurely born babies

A new research project from the University of Copenhagen (KU) has revealed that prematurely born children could be strengthened by… read more


The A-list designer who made a splash with the B-age

This year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week was once again missing one of its greatest designers. Margit Brandt, who influenced Danish wardrobes for… read more


Give in to the pulling power of the pubs at the Copenhagen Tug of War tournament

I don’t often speak English at my children’s school. But this time I made an exception, because there was no… read more

At Copenhagen's cannonball championships, mass is an asset

For most athletes, a competitive edge is honed through training, discipline and focus. For those competing in Denmark’s cannonball splash… read more

Murder and McKee at Hamlet's castle

If Hamlet Live, the ongoing visitor attraction at Kronborg Castle in which actors play out scenes from the play in… read more