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18 Jan, 2018
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Cycling like a Copenhagener can save lives, study shows

As a number of polls have shown, Danes – and Copenhageners in particular – are some of the most dedicated… read more

Spain sunk as Denmark advance to secondary group stage in Croatia

Denmark was in a precarious position ahead of their clash with Spain in the European Handball Championship last night. The… read more

Research and Tech News in Brief: Can VR slow the development of dementia?

When people suffer from dementia, it totally transforms their lives – as well as those of their loved ones. Dementia-sufferers’… read more

Denmark facing huge engineer shortage in the near future

Big construction and tech companies in Denmark are finding it increasingly difficult to find the highly-skilled workers they will need… read more

Trump advisor in Denmark to learn about wind energy

The Donald Trump administration may be the new champion for fossil fuels and bettering conditions for coal mine and natural… read more


Get dialled in! Danes crowdfunding their way to the zenith of watchmaking

When investigating the revered art of watchmaking, it quickly becomes clear that the Swiss have got their time-piece mechanisms in… read more


On Screens: Oscars just like Christmas: Start with a turkey!

TV is dead. Long live TV. The way we watch it has changed forever and it’s time for us to… read more

Louisiana Channel: Supplying culture to the world

A tiny Danish video channel, based in the village of Humlebæk 35 km north of Copenhagen, is attracting large audiences… read more

Performance Preview: Shaffer salaciousness from the Playmates across the Sound

Playmate Theatre proved their expertise last summer with an inspired version of Alan Bennett’s ‘Talking Heads’ at the House of International… read more

January Events: Sex in the modern age – logged in and turned on

Following a successful two-day run in October 2016, resident House of International Theatre (HIT) groups Manusarts and Down the Rabbit Hole once… read more