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22 Feb, 2018
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Denmark falls down anti-corruption rankings

Every year, Transparency International publishes a poll ranking 180 countries according to their perceived level of public sector corruption. Since… read more

More action needed to prevent 're-education' trips abroad, says minister

Danish municipalities know of at least 130 cases in which immigrant children have suffered negatively after being sent home for… read more

Queen breaks silence to thank the Danish people for their compassion

Queen Margrethe II has written a letter of thanks to those who have expressed their condolences following the death of… read more

Prince Nikolai not the only Danish royal shaking his tush on the catwalk

The Duchess of Cambridge did some modelling. She was, of course, plain old Kate Middleton back then when she caught… read more

Green is the new black: proposed tax targets HBO and Netflix

Streaming services Netflix and HBO Nordic could soon be forced to contribute to a financial fund for Danish language TV… read more


Jante Law – the chip on Danes' shoulders

Janteloven – the Jante Law – is a code of down-to-earth conformity formulated by author Aksel Sandemose in the 1930s but… read more


Performance Preview: This clone wars is truly thrilling

Not sure whether it was good timing on behalf of Hollywood, but did you know that the film Multiplicity and… read more

Performance Preview: A tale of sibling unravelling

Director Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen loves a curveball, and this time the audience can sit in the middle of the stage and… read more

Late January Art: Catching up with a wave of new exhibitions

January 19 was a furious day in the Copenhagen art world with numerous new exhibitions opening around town, so it… read more

Art Preview: When Picasso was pottering about and affordable for all

Picasso isn’t particularly well known for his ceramics, and this was by no means an early pursuit in his life,… read more