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20 Mar, 2018
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Peter Madsen trial back on tomorrow

Following a gruelling first day of the Peter Madsen murder trial on March 8, much was revealed about the 47-year-old… read more

Simple test can reveal the risk of premature death from cardiovascular disorders

For some time now, doctors have been aware that type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disorders often go hand-in-hand. In a paper… read more

Sports News in Brief: Superliga nearing climax as playoffs kick in

Following the completion of the first stage of the Superliga this weekend – the first 26 games, after which the division… read more

Science News in Brief: Denmark's past is literally rotting away in museum stores

Danish museums are fighting a losing battle against mould and decay when it comes to preserving artefacts from the past.… read more

Danish fishermen trawling illegally in Øresund

In order to preserve its fragile ecosystem and fishing stocks, trawling in certain parts of the Øresund has been banned… read more


Making a difference with Team Peru

‘Team Peru’ is an overseas learning program created by Copenhagen International School. The program, which originated in 2005, provides students… read more


CPH:DOX reviews: ‘Minding the Gap’ & ‘Latifa: a fighting heart’

Film: Minding the Gap More screenings on March 20 at Empire Bio & March 23 at Hotel Cecil ★★★★★★ This… read more

Performance Review: La Traviata lights up Gamle Scene

Originally written by Giuseppe Verdi in 1853, Den Jyske Opera’s production of the classic piece premiered on Copenhagen’s Gamle Scene… read more

Performance Review: Roll up for the mystery tour – satisfaction guaranteed

The set-up of the play was simple. The entire stage was more or less empty with only a big, green… read more

CPH:DOX reviews: 'Faces Places' & 'Golden Dawn Girls'

Film: Faces Places More screenings on March 19; Grand Teatre & March 24; Charlottenborg; 90-95kr ★★★★★☆ This documentary is a… read more