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23 Apr, 2018
16° Celsius

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Government wants to build massive wind energy park

In just a few short years, Denmark could very well have one of the biggest wind energy parks in the… read more

Socialdemokratiet: Half a million green cars on Danish roads by 2030

Thanks to a 2015 strategy that has phased back the registration tax for electric cars, sales in Denmark have been… read more

Money now available to remove ownerless 'eyesore' shipwrecks

A broad parliamentary majority has decided to set up a fund of 2.8 million kroner so that coastal municipalities can… read more

Danish dairy giant facing deep cuts

Last year, the farmer-owned Danish dairy conglomerate Arla recorded profits of 80 billion kroner. That can’t be bad you might… read more

Opinion: "Could you say 'rødgrød med fløde'?" – "Yes, but why?"

“Could you say rødgrød med fløde?” I was asked. Oh, my God! What was that? Was it an example of… read more


Archaeologists may have found Copenhagen’s oldest church

When it emerged in February that a team of archaeologists had been secretly excavating 20 skeletons under City Hall Square,… read more


Concert Review: Can't feel the ground beneath our feet!

On Thursday April 12, Pumpehuset welcomed two bands from North America: Earthless and Comet Control. Both groups gave their best, ensuring… read more

Cos we like to play at being Japanese

Over 3,000 people will attend the annual festival that celebrates the best of Japanese anime, manga, cosplay and games. The… read more

Concert Review: Bonkers for the boisterous Brit

Giggs brought epic rhymes, swagger and boundless energy to DR’s concert hall. The show was, in a word, ‘rambunctious’ thanks… read more

Late April Events: Two days without sleep

Copenhagen’s unique Nørrebro neighbourhood will celebrate its annual culture festival in rare form this spring. The notoriously vibrant area will… read more