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17 May, 2018
23° Celsius

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Danish teachers on the frontline

Students are calling teachers “bitches” and threatening to punch them or report them. These are just some of the incidents… read more

Square peg problems: Danish EPA move could result in regulatory delays

The state’s plan for a more equitable distribution of governmental jobs throughout the country by relocating certain agencies is not… read more

Ignored pleas for help for a mentally-ill Danish man result in tragedy

Anja Nyboe Laursen tried to help. When the teacher saw a young man looking psychologically unstable and wandering around Randers… read more

Danish MP calls for decriminalisation of both cannabis and hard drugs

Henrik Sass Larsen minces no words in his new book ‘Exodus: The Way to the Centre-Left’  in which he offers… read more

Warm Whit in Denmark

The upcoming long weekend looks to be a good one – especially on Sunday and Whit Monday when the sun will… read more


A veritable region of otherworldly treasure, outdoor leisure and ornithological pleasure

On 11 December 2012, Ida Auken, the environmental minister at the time, announced that eight years of effort campaigning had… read more


Hockey hosts: Home side looking to stick it to the Europeans

You know you’re in for a challenge if you’re in a country in which you have to call your sport… read more

Concert Review: Eazy does it

G-Eazy is a true-to-life rock star who just happens to make hip-hop music. He is the definition of young and… read more

May Art: Germany's best kept secret wasn't the V2

Gabriele Münter was a photographer before she started painting in 1900, and she also best known for her drawings, watercolours and… read more

Spring Performance: May the stage never be empty!

The Exterminating Angel May 6; Operaen, Ekvipagemestervej 10, Cph K; 150-925kr, Inspired by a 1962 Spanish surrealist film, this English-language opera… read more