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22 May, 2018
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System changes responsible for increasing numbers requesting sex change ops

At the end of last year, the rules were changed so that transsexuals no longer had to be subject to… read more

International News in Brief: Danish immigration minister makes global headlines saying Muslims should “take a holiday” during Ramadan

In a story making news around the world, Inger Støjberg, Denmark’s immigration and integration minister, said that the Islamic practice… read more

Science News in Brief: Danish researchers say schizophrenia more prevalent in urban environments

People who grew up without green spaces are 50 percent more likely to develop schizophrenia compared with those who did,… read more

Industry fund weighs in to help combat cyber crime

Danish firms and institutions have found out to their cost that hacking can have a major impact on their bottom… read more

Controversial Danish poet interrupts Royal Run broadcast

While most of the country was celebrating Crown Prince Frederik’s participation in the weekend’s Royal Run to celebrate his 50th… read more


Swan over: Why China ♥ Hans

It is perhaps not surprising given his enduring worldwide popularity, but Danish author Hans Christian Andersen also brings joy to… read more


About Town: Wozzy finally wins elusive pancake special

Caroline Wozniacki (left) received the ultimate honour on April 30: pancakes at City Hall. Other guests included her father and coach… read more

New exhibition explores the connection between art, photography and frocks

Seeing this new show comprised of enlarged photographs from the glossy fashion magazine Vogue triggered off a number of different… read more

On Screens: Nepotism, cronyism and car-shagging – happy days with George's mate

Ron Howard’s got good taste, right? We can trust him with an origins film about one of history’s most beloved… read more

The Road Less Taken: Is Lego a building block of Danish happiness?

We have all thought about what it means to be a parent from time to time, but have you ever… read more