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05 Jun, 2018
21° Celsius

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Denmark doesn’t have an official constitution day ... and here's why

The US has July 4, Norway has May 17, Russia has December 12. Constitution day is a big deal in… read more

New pesticide discovery closes two waterworks in Copenhagen area

Two waterworks in the Copenhagen area have been shut down following the discovery of the pesticide residue Dimethylsulfamide in eight… read more

Sports News in Brief: Eller tantalisingly close to Stanley Cup triumph

One more game. That’s all the Washington Capitals have to win to lift the Stanley Cup and make Lars Eller… read more

Culture News in Brief: City warns Distortion that noise violations could jeopardise future permits

The Distortion street party festival, which concluded on Sunday after five days of  action, exceeded noise levels agreed in its… read more

Blue film stash unearthed in DR archives

In 1969, Denmark became the first country in the world to pass a law legalising visual pornography, and at the beginning… read more


Swan over: Why China ♥ Hans

It is perhaps not surprising given his enduring worldwide popularity, but Danish author Hans Christian Andersen also brings joy to… read more


Move over Distortion, Copenhagen Stage is here!

June is Copenhagen’s best month. Summer, still in its infancy, hasn’t started resembling a disaster movie – yet. The foliage… read more

Early-June Events: Embrace a city of bustling activity

Copenhagen Classico June 17; Dybbølsgade 59, Cph V; 99kr; If your idea of a bicycle race involves leisurely riding… read more

On Screens: Deadend Roman’s contribution … he comes to bury the name of Coppola

You could write an entire pub quiz about the Coppola family. With unabashed nepotism, obscure cameos, cruel decapitations – of… read more

Kronborg Castle's interactive summer drama package continues to evolve

This week marks the start of Copenhagen Stage, with the capital offering a wide variety of theatre productions in both… read more