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12 Jun, 2018
22° Celsius

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Foreign Ministry demands Russia take responsibility for downed flight

The Foreign Ministry has demanded that Russia accept responsibility for the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. Flight MH17… read more

Employment in Denmark to exceed 3 million next year

The Danish employment rate has already an all-time high this year, and by next year, it is predicted to exceed… read more

Danish News in Brief: Still no hard evidence for the existence of 'Nessie'

Over the past few weeks an international team of researchers, including Kristine Bohmann from the Danish Natural History Museum, have… read more

Danish News in Brief: Here comes the rain

After what has been an incredible period of summer weather in Denmark, things are going to get a little more… read more

NorthSide's capacity to increase following move

Festival organisers predict the NorthSide festival will only get bigger when it moves location in 2021. It currently welcomes 33,000… read more


Lad, Pheasant, Shooter Lars – when poachers were the pop stars

Poaching used to conjure up romanticised notions – for which you probably have to blame Robin Hood and his merry… read more


CPH STAGE Performance Review: Mr Tesla Played

Duka, the loving matriarch of a 1860s ethnic Serbian household; the American author Mark Twain, weeping at the life story… read more

CPH STAGE Performance Review: ‘The Great Dictator’

The old adage goes don’t fix it if it isn’t broken. Such words are of great relevance when someone decides… read more

Move over Distortion, Copenhagen Stage is here!

June is Copenhagen’s best month. Summer, still in its infancy, hasn’t started resembling a disaster movie – yet. The foliage… read more

Kronborg Castle's interactive summer drama package continues to evolve

This week marks the start of Copenhagen Stage, with the capital offering a wide variety of theatre productions in both… read more