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23 Aug, 2018
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Danish companies struggling to find employees

According to a new survey conducted by the national confederation of industry, Dansk Industri (DI), 60 percent of Danish companies… read more

Politician campaigning to ban petrol engine scooters

You would have thought the biggest problem scooters and mopeds pose to our streets is their speed, and the possibility… read more

Children should be more involved in making their own lunch, experts recommend

If there is one thing that really divides the waters amongst school children, it is the packed lunch. It is… read more

Health workers most trusted occupation in Denmark

According to a new trustworthiness survey from communications firm Radius, if you’re a health worker in Denmark, there’s a very… read more

Culture News in Brief: Another mermaid decapitated – this time in Kolding

Copenhagen can no longer claim to have the only mermaid sculpture that has lost its head on occasion. Søhavfruen, a… read more


New look nation: a quarter of a century on from the cartoon that defined Danishness

The year 1992 was in the modern age, right? Sure, there was a tendency to overdo it with the white… read more


Museums Corner: So much more than small beer

The Jacobsen family have left their fingerprints on Danish culture, and they’re particularly visible in Copenhagen. And no, we’re not… read more

Coming up Soon: Calling all-comers to Christianshavn, Churchillparken and the CSR rugby pitches

Christianshavn turning 400 Aug 17-19; To mark the 400th birthday of the Copenhagen city centre neighbourhood, the locals are… read more

On Screens: How the spoof replaced the sequel as the scourge of movieland

I’m no advocate of fratricide, but I’m going to tell you something ‘scary’ that will make you want to ‘scream’… read more

No Turning Back? The rich LGBT history that inspires next to zero creative works

Since the weekend, tens of thousands have been arriving in the city to celebrate a full week of LGBT festivities… read more