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07 Dec, 2015
9° Celsius

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"Suspicious" passenger removed from flight to Paris yesterday

Comments made by a male passenger on a flight bound from Copenhagen to Paris made his fellow passengers so nervous… read more

Weather improves just in time for Monday

Following three days of high winds that caused havoc for Danes trying to enjoy the weekend, things are looking significantly… read more

Denmark’s researchers are raking in billions in EU funding

A new report from the EU commission shows that Denmark is proficient at obtaining funding from the EU’s research and… read more

Cat lets her secrets out of the bag at CIS

Cat Weatherill, one of Europe’s leading storytellers and a bestselling author of children’s literature, visited Copenhagen International School (CIS) last… read more

A third of Danes think the use of torture is acceptable

According to a survey by the research bureau A&B Analyse for the Danish anti-torture institute Dignity, an increasing number of… read more


The lost generation: Denmark's systematic failure to hold onto the foreign talent it educates

Denmark is attracting more and more international students each year – studies indicate that the number has shot up a… read more


Five have a wonderful time – with lashings of ginger-infused rum

  Visiting Fugu cocktail bar made me recall how back at high school, my friends and I always had this… read more

Get your skates on and organise your festive fodder now

Information is key in the battle to secure the best possible food options for the festive period, and the fight… read more

Don’t be a naughty boy and miss the Messiah

For many Danes, it wouldn’t be Christmas without an evening out to listen to one of the most popular pieces… read more

December kids: Get your pulse racing ... in your armchair

  PULSE Open daily through Dec, 10:00-17:00; Experimentarium City, Trangravsvej 12, Cph K; 105-160kr; The exhibition PULSE – everyday… read more