An Actor’s Life | My kingdom is the stage

Well, is this brass-monkey weather or what? Why do we live in this freezing climate? Why? I have to because I’ve got a family here, but it’s tempting to cast a glance at a world map and choose somewhere a tad warmer to live, isn’t it?


Of course, apart from my loved ones, I’ve got a job of sorts here in Denmark. I use the term lightly. It’s not really a ‘job’ in the sense of working myself to death doing something that I don’t want to do, dreaming about surviving until I am forced to retire and can then start to live out the rest of my days hopefully in reasonable comfort, as many of you reading this might be planning on doing.


If you are, I kind of envy you in a way, because at least you’ll have a nest egg to crack open, if you live long enough to enjoy it – or if the present economic climate will provide those who have planned ahead with a pension worth having.


I am an actor, for better or worse. I know I’m that, not just because that’s what it says on my passport, but because people tell me. That’s what they know me as. An actor who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and who in the main enjoys every second of his ‘creative’ life. An actor who makes people laugh and who makes them cry, at least maybe an actor who can engage an audience and tell a good tale.


I am lucky enough to be surrounded by many talented people here in Denmark who wouldn’t waste their time working with me, I suppose, if I wasn’t any good, or if the plays or shows we present didn’t have a certain quality. The combined skills of these talented people enable me to put on the productions that we do, and I can say that I love and cherish them all. I won’t apologise for the gush of sentimentality – it’s a simple fact.


Our latest production highlights this collectiveness that we have. I’m pretty sure that many larger companies would envy our team spirit and our joie de vivre. If you haven’t been in to see any of our plays, then I ask you to try and make a time in your calendar to come in and see this one. It’s daft, musical, poetic and shamelessly sentimental.


But what’s wrong with that, I’d like to know, ‘cos here we go again – and I can’t wait …


So, that’s why I’m here in Denmark, how about you?


Ian’s latest play, ‘Shakespeare Unplugged’, is currently running at Krudttønden theatre.