At work and at play | Where work becomes hoopla

My British brother-in-law was offered a summer job at a Danish company in Copenhagen and he happily accepted it, knowing that he would spend time with his family and get to know his niece and nephew better, amongst other things. Very quickly, once he had started working, he noticed the great working environment where he would be spending the summer. Needless to say, he was very pleased. Some foreigners mention how Denmark can make you soft in the long-term. This is definitely an illustration of it.


At this particular company, the staff are spoilt by one of the most amazing cafeterias in Copenhagen. The day starts with freshly-squeezed orange juice and every option of breakfast that one could wish for. And then a hot meal is served for lunch. All this for a minimal monthly cost. In the UK, my brother-in-law would be lucky to find an average tasting cold sandwich for twice the price of what he was paying for a hot meal here. And this includes a vegetarian option, two kinds of salads and very well prepared meat. Just to give you an idea of what could be served, he habitually munched on pork roasted in nuts with cabbage and  leafy salad, Moroccan lamb with bulgur wheat, salmon and spinach lasagne served with a rocket cranberry salad … oh, and did I mention the fresh croissants for breakfast every Monday morning? 


There is also a homemade fruit and vegetable energy drink every Monday afternoon to ensure that the workers are fighting fit. And then there is ‘Cake Wednesday’, eagerly awaited by everyone who might need a mid-week sugar boost. The latest addition to the cafeteria is a special milk machine so that people can get instant cold milk, whether it is minimælk or sødmælk … The options are endless. And let’s not forget ‘Awesome Friday’ when the employees can look forward to tacos, falafel, homemade pizza or the legendary build-your-own-burger(s)!


Yet some people still find fault with what is offered. My brother remembers one occasion when someone complained that there weren’t any hard-boiled eggs left when he arrived at work in the morning. It simply did not occur to him to arrive a little earlier. Maybe Denmark does make one soft. 


As for my brother-in-law, he has now returned to the UK to look for a new job. Having been spoilt all summer with fantastic food and a great work environment, is there any hope that he will be able to enjoy any other workplace?