At work and at play | New year, new career

After weeks of celebrating, overeating and boozing, your body and mind are begging you for some TLC. And the post-Christmas January blues are the perfect mood-inducer to convince you to start new things: a new diet, a new fitness routine, a new job, or renewed energy for the neverending job search …

But are these real resolutions or simply a short-term, knee-jerk reaction to the realisation that time is flying by and a new year has sprung upon us again? Nevertheless, the New Year can definitely inject a good dose of reborn enthusiasm into your plans to recraft your life. So let’s take advantage of it! Maybe it is time to retrain and launch an exciting new period in your life.

Of course, it is never too late to retrain. Everyone has heard of the 60 to 70-year-old university student who felt like trying their hand at something different. However, what should you do if you have already studied for years for a career that you enjoyed, but has suddenly come to a halt because you agreed to follow your partner to a new country, where you are struggling with the new language and having real difficulty finding a new job?

Many people welcome this opportunity to take a step back and do a complete career makeover. In co-ordination with the Danish Montessori Society, we are planning to start a training course for people to become Montessori teachers. I sent out a feeler to friends and acquaintances to see if there was a demand for such a course. The response was overwhelming! So many people are ready to retrain and find a new career that is more flexible and recognised across borders. It is very inspiring.

I have moved around and lived in many different countries throughout my life, and it seems that every time that I settle down somewhere new, a new inspiration takes hold of me and I am more ready than ever to try something I have never experienced before: either a job in a completely new field, or retraining in an industry where I hadn’t previously worked. It is very refreshing and exciting, and the options are endless.

So welcome 2013 with new eyes and don’t hesitate to take a course, either in a field with skills shortages or one that you know will take you where you really want to be. Enjoy your career detox!