Fashion Jam: In a beautiful green peacoat

As a Swede who had spent eleven years in London and New York, coming to Denmark three years ago has its ups and downs. Having worked in fashion most of her professional life, Jenny will be giving her opinion on our dress sense: the right choices and the bad ones

Naturally I went out and tried a few on for you: one budget and one luxury


And that’s a wrap. Four fashion capitals and four weeks have come to an end and the result is a neverending stream of new ideas, inspirations, looks and names to know for spring/summer 2015. 

But while there is no harm in being prepared, it’s six months off yet, so I will keep you in the land of autumn/winter 2014 for a little bit longer (and frankly I would need a little more space for that review and I haven’t heard anything about that happening yet).

A winter cover up
The summer-sales frenzy has finally come to a halt and we welcome the glorious arrival of new fresh shopping rails filled with warm colours and updated styles.

One of your most important buys for this season, especially in Scandinavia, is the outerwear.

We are looking for a classic yet modern jacket perfect for everyday use, which can also convert into a night-out sort of jacket. Living in Denmark, we know it has to be able to navigate cold and drizzly afternoons, but without compromising on style of course. So how do we outsmart Copenhagen’s changeable weather?

Softshell’s tainted love
I know I will probably offend a large amount of my dear friends right now, but if I see any more hip-length softshell raincoats from Ilse Jacobsen this winter, I will be sick. I love you to bits girls, and I know they are practical, but that’s it!

Personally, I would go for an old-time classic: the peacoat. There are a lot of good variations out there, from budget to luxury. Gucci have got it down to perfection with its dove blue version, and so has Saint Laurent with a longer model, but you don’t have to spend the equivalent of a small mortgage to find a great one. You can just turn to the high street and find one in, for example, Zara or H&M.

As usual, looking good actually hasn’t got anything to do with how much money you spend, just how you spend what you have.

Men in tights
What about men and fashion? How come we rarely talk about the faux pas of men’s fashion? How do the Danish men compare?  Not bad actually; just like the women, or maybe thanks to the women, they are quite fashion-conscious.

One thing’s for certain though: they like things tight! I don’t mind a pair of jeans that embrace the bottom, but guys, when they are glued to the whole leg like a pair of jeggings, that’s when I object. Can’t we just agree that ‘Men in Tights’ should remain a mediocre movie and nothing more?

Blame it on fashion
And while we’re on that subject, I have never been to a country where men working out wear as much spandex. They all wear what my friend’s husband would call the “condom pants” – leaving nothing to the imagination.

Does it make them go faster? Perhaps, but all these tight, tight pants can’t be good for the blood flow and Danish reproduction.  Recent studies from Rigshospitalet actually show that the birth rate in Denmark went down by approximately 11 percent between 2008 and 2012. I’m beginning to wonder whether men’s fashion is to blame.