Crazier than Christmas | Doctor Danglish

It’s Crazy Christmas time again – and I am back! I have written, directed and appeared in the show every year since 1982, but last year I felt that I needed a break from being on stage.

I did not expect to receive so many distressed mails from people who missed my alter-ego, Dr van Helsingør from Elsinore. I created the Danish doctor in 1986 for my crazy version of ‘Dracula’, and he has appeared every year since.

Doctor’s back in the house
Of course, if I took a break, then he had to. I had forgotten he has 5,000 friends on Facebook and a group of devoted fans who come every year to see the show dressed up in his costume: deerstalker hat, red beard, glasses and tweed suit.

Originally I based the doctor on a Dane who spoke English well, but made hilarious mistakes. Thanks to a magazine called Anglophiles, he now has the chance to comment on our history together.

Here are some extracts from the interview

Catch up with Denmark’s answer to Sherlock Holmes at Tivoli until January 3

Do you remember how we first met, Doctor? 
This I do. It was for many years ago. I said: “Good day, my name is Dr van Helsingør from Elsinore, but you can call me Bent.” And you said: “You’re bent.” Now those are the first words I say when I come on stage in your shows.

Yes, it was amusing because ‘bent’ has another meaning in English. 
I know. It means ‘not straight’. 

Well … it is often used as a slang word for ‘homosexual’. 
Holdt da kæft! Shut up!! I had no idea. Homosexual? Nåh! This is coming on me from behind!

I’m sorry, I thought you knew. Many English teachers do not like the way you speak English …
This do I not understand. I speak floatingly English. But you insist on funny translations. I said to The Dame (a man dressed as a woman) “Du nyder det in fulde drag,” – “You are enjoying it in full drag!” That was howlingly funny! And in your James Bond Show, I gave Bond some Danish gadgets to use: a bike to ride instead of his Aston Martin, a helmet with an aerial to pick up signals and, as a weapon, a ‘sausage for spies’ – ‘spegepølse’!

You are a private person, Doctor. Are you married? 
Ja! I live with Gurli. Vi samlejer … we same-rent. She is a nurse and we met at a julefrokost. We sang 50 verses of a song written to the melody of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. I asked her to kiss me under the mistletoe. She said she wouldn’t kiss me under anaesthetic! Ha! Hun er så fed … she is so fat!

What are you playing in this year’s show ‘One Eyed Willy’? 
I am a botanist with Charles Darwin on a science ship blown up by pirates in the Caribbean. It is kanon! Excuse me, I will come too late. It has been a forpleasuring Ms McKee to snak together. See you in Tivoli and ‘May the Hygge be with you!’