Fashion Jam: Getting it right at the Christmas sales

As a Swede who had spent eleven years in London and New York, coming to Denmark three years ago has its ups and downs. Having worked in fashion most of her professional life, Jenny will be giving her opinion on our dress sense: the right choices and the bad ones.

It’s Christmas and it’s time to get out the sequins and heels of serious vertigo-inducing height. Party season calls for a lot of fun on the fashion front.

Don’t hold back on the sparkles, but if you insist on black, try this tailored jumpsuit (right)

Who needs a tree?
Even non-sequins lovers like myself are fond of sparkles at this time of year. I actually think it’s the only time when it’s okay to outshine a Christmas tree.

Let the plain black dress spend Christmas and New Year in the closet and dust off something flashier or get something new.  You might not want to spend too much on an outfit that’s going to get you noticed, but might not be worn very frequently. Luckily that’s certainly not a problem since the high street is overflowing with possibilities: go retro, go elegant or go fun and frivolous!

Forego the frenzy
I feel like we have to talk about the Christmas sales. This frenzied time of year, when women of all ages and intellect race out and completely lose sense of who they are, is not a favourite of mine. All of a sudden all of the shops look like messy outlets, and I find it very hard to get into a good shopping mood.

All this can be avoided online where you can just use your index finger to add it to your basket instead of your elbows. But if you decide to be brave and tackle the battleground out there, you need to be equipped.

A dearth of discounts
Firstly, don’t ever be seduced by the discount – however much of a saving, nothing is a bargain if it’s simply going to hang in the back of your wardrobe.

Make smart investments – think about what’s coming next season and what trends are here to stay. Ask yourself one basic question: what do you actually need? What are the gaps in your wardrobe that need filling? Don’t ever buy the wrong size with the intention of losing a few pounds.

One thing I like to use the sales for are upcoming events. If you know you have something important coming up – weddings, parties, black-tie galas – they are a great opportunity to pick up a dress with big savings, rather than a last-minute panic buy for twice the price.

Remember to start looking before the sales start and decide what you would like to get for a good price. I have a rule that I never buy anything on sale that I haven’t been eyeing before, but maybe didn’t get because of the high price.
Remember, a few half-hearted sale purchases can add up to one new-season item – so weigh up what you want more.

Carouse like Carrie
Most importantly, try to have fun at the sales – it can be a great day out, especially when you know how!

Go out on a day when you are feeling positive and energised. Any purchase made to ‘cheer you up’ will undoubtedly be a mistake.

Remember those words of wisdom from Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and the City’: “I like my money right where I can see it – hanging in my closet!”