Fashion Jam: Smell the patchouli!

Smell the patchouli!

Usually I’m more of an autumn fashion kind of girl, but this year I can’t wait for spring/summer to come knocking on my door. It probably has something to do with the fact that it oozes vintage, suede, fringes, patchouli and everything else you would associate with my favourite fashion decade: the ‘70s.

Why the ‘70s?  The ‘70s was a time of chaos and revolution and it’s no secret that crisis and upheaval can inspire creativity. That would explain why fashion was so awful in the financially strong ‘80s.

The eternal fashion limbo
Who wants to wait another three or four months before getting in on spring’s biggest trends? (Delayed gratification is very much not my thing.) Instead, we have to come up with some ways to work these S/S 15 styles into our winter wardrobe starting from today.

At this time of the year, we are in something of a fashion limbo because we are sick of winter clothes and it’s not yet warm enough to try out the pre-spring/summer 2015 looks.

Swayed by denim days
Not only have most designers been bitten by the ‘70s bug this season, but it’s also pretty clear that they have been seduced by the powers of denim. Who can blame them? What goes better together than the colours of denim and tan suede? Without a doubt, this summer will have a more than usual indigo moment.

So there we go, there’s one manoeuvre to start introducing – a denim shirt worn open over a t-shirt is not only effective layering but also taps into the ‘70s trend. Denim will be everywhere, so get to grips with head-to-toe denim now and then throw on your big winter coat. Add a skinny scarf for an instant ‘70s groupie vibe. Half spring/summer, half autumn/winter, job done.

A roll-neck or polo neck will see you through the next couple of months too, playing up fully to the ‘70s sensibility as well as keeping you warm.

Lacking a certain flair
Innovation, new ideas, the latest – isn’t that what this industry is all about and thrives upon? Or is it? Of course, it isn’t the first or second time we have seen a retro revival. The question is when will the masses be walking around in flares and fringing without it feeling like costume? And when or if that happens, what decade will the designers be revisiting at the time?

Of course it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and if that’s the case, I suggest you select the fragments you feel comfortable with.

It will be very interesting to see how the Danes interpret the latest ‘70s trend since I know from experience that it’s extremely hard getting them into flares – every time I wear mine to the office, all I hear is how it’s sooo Swedish. (If I want to be more Danish I have to wear sweatpants with high heels, so I think I’ll pass.)

The feeling I would like them to go for this spring is: ‘I’m with the band.’ Unless, of course, that band is ABBA.