Fashion Jam: The finish line is in sight

We are almost there: vacation time! For everyone, it’s a time to relax, but for some of us, more so, as it signals the finish line in our bid to become beach-ready.
It’s a reminder that sometimes the key to getting what you want is letting go. Contradictory as that might sound, it’s what vacations are all about. It’s time to celebrate who you are and the journey it took to get there and, most of all, be body proud.

Making the right choice
But even if getting that perfect bikini body didn’t quite work out this year, we can still try to look our best, and here are some handy tips that might come in handy.
Few things are as daunting as putting on a bathing suit, no matter what size or shape you might be. Bathing suits have a habit of bringing self-conscious thoughts to the surface, which make hiding even the smallest flaws seem impossible.

Even if you have the hottest body on the beach, if you aren’t wearing the right costume for your body type, you won’t look your best. It’s essential you find a bathing suit that highlights your assets and hides your problem areas.

If you need extra support in certain areas when you’re wearing clothes, you’ll definitely need that extra support when you’re in your bathing suit, so don’t skip it just to wear a style that’s trendier or that you like more.

Triangle bikini tops are a good example. If you wear a bra with underwire because otherwise thing go way more south than what’s healthy, you should stick to that and not tempt fate.

Size a misnomer
Forget the size when trying on bathing suits and choose the one that fits best. Buying a costume that is too small can create a bulge where one wouldn’t normally exist, and a suit that is too big can add bulk that isn’t actually there – something you’ll certainly want to avoid.

Darker colours help to mask imperfections in skin smoothness, so they are a great way to create an overall smoother look. They are also more slimming than their lighter counterparts, which can often highlight lumps and bumps.

Patterns also mask imperfections, as well as offering a distraction that will keep bystanders from focusing on anything they shouldn’t be.

Skin and other factors
There is no doubt that one of the best accessories to go with a bathing suit is a great tan, but sun exposure can have detrimental effects on the skin. There are many self-tanners on the market that offer a smooth tan so you don’t have to barbecue yourself.

Dull, dry skin can make anyone look less than his or her best. Use a good exfoliator that isn’t too harsh, and then be lavish with the moisturiser.

For all you men out there, it’s easy. Only David Beckham is allowed to wear speedos, and you shouldn’t have more hair on your shoulders than on your head.

Remember that the most important element to any outfit is to wear it with confidence. Being comfortable in your own skin and knowing that you have done your best to look your best will shine through and make heads turn.