Happy summer holidays from the team at the Post!

An online shop, sports calendar and better software on the way for our customers

Now that summer is upon us, we are taking leave to wish you all a very happy summer holiday.

That’s right! For the first time in our history, we are also seeking the obvious way out by closing shop for three weeks (although our online service will continue in a reduced capacity) and not printing another newspaper until next month.

This issue will accordingly cover the next four weeks, and we hope you’ll find the sections on festivals and outdoor activities useful, whether you’re a tourist visiting these shores, or just lumbered here without a summerhouse to go to.

Day of the Triffids 2
On August 6, we will be with you again in print. Pretty much until then, Denmark is in hibernation. Most offices are closed. Most factories are closed. And the schools are closed.

The result is we do not have enough readers to justify publishing the Weekly Post. And the same is true of the Daily Post, our online daily publication.

In the meantime, we have distributed our Visit Post to all the important tourist hubs and we will keep you updated at the Online Post regarding the important Danish news in

Silly season rules apply
Not all of it will be important though. While the new government is in office enjoying its 100 days honeymoon period before the fight over the 2016 budget starts in October, it is agurketid (cucumber) time in Denmark – ‘silly season’.

Which means that politicians can get away with shooting from the hip out of complete proportion – a few years ago, DF set itself a target of a story a day during the period – and that a postman chasing a dog could end up being front page material.

Our exit takes precedence
Even a GREXIT will hardly disturb our peace. We support Greece by sending 250,000 Danes on holiday there every year with lots of euros in their pockets.

In Denmark we pay some of the highest taxes on income in Europe. In Greece they have the highest amount of unpaid taxes in Europe. If we could even that out, everything might look better.

Back in August!
We hope in August to resume our monitoring of the Danish society even better than before.

We will soon introduce better software to further your enjoyment of the Daily Post. Our Online Post will evolve into a stronger platform, providing a department store to link all essential services for expats together in one place. A sports calendar will complement the existing cultural calendar and guide you to your favourite sport and club.

We know that the most important platform for the distribution of news and services is the mobile phone. Everybody has one. It is always online. We are preparing an app that will facilitate your use of our services on the phone and keep you informed about the daily events and the messages from our advertisers.  Go to cphpost.dk and check us out.

In the meantime, enjoy the sun and have fun!