From Struggle to Success: Five reasons why entrepreneurs avoid using project management systems

To build a successful business from a single idea is a hard job. The path is long and it is full of different challenges such as finding the right team, providing capital or planning, and managing day-to-day tasks.

In today`s fast changing business environment, it is essential for every company to be able to plan and easily manage their projects and tasks. Hundreds of articles compare and rate different project management systems and conclude which one will be the best for you and your company.

It seems, therefore, that something is not quite right. If there are so many available systems, why are startups not using them? Here are a few reasons that explain this discrepancy.

1. Price
Many project management system companies use the wrong pricing strategies when it comes to startups. Considering the lack of capital, most starting entrepreneurs are more likely to use pen and paper, than to spend 5 to 49 US dollars per user per month on a basic package.

2. Complexity
When it comes to project management, less equals more. Companies build and develop systems that are full of unnecessary features and functions. The result is more confused users.

3. System interface
The interface is an important factor in any type of system. The colours, how the content is structured, the navigation and the time it takes to go from one place to another are real deal-breakers.

4. Communication
Good communication is essential for the success of every project and every company. Most of the project management solutions on the market do not provide an efficient way of communication between the users in the systems. Thus, the companies need to use additional software for that.

5. Time
There is no free time for devoted entrepreneurs who work 24/7 to develop their ideas. Spending two to three days to learn how to use a system is far too much time to waste.

Tick all five boxes!
A system that addresses all these issues will become one of the best tools for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.