Fashion Jam: The wonderful world of ‘Nannia’

As a little girl I spent a lot of time in my grandmothers’ closets – especially my paternal grandmother’s.

Through the wardrobe
Thinking back at it now, it was like stepping into a different world, exploring new and never-seen-before things – almost like Narnia, but without the white witch of course. It was full of colour, glitter, patterns and styles I had only ever seen on my Barbie dolls.

She wasn’t one to splurge on expensive things, but she frequently shopped and she liked to have fun with fashion. She was an expert at accessorising and could made an old outfit new with just a colourful necklace or a printed scarf. She couldn’t really walk in heels and she very often had lipstick on her teeth, but that’s all forgiven since she didn’t take fashion too seriously – she just
enjoyed it.

Emulating Farmor
She acted as I would like to think the perfect grandmother would and let me totally indulge myself in everything that was hers. And it didn’t stop with her clothes – she let me rummage around through her jewellery and make-up as well.

I’m very sure I didn’t look very fashionable, and more like Bozo the Clown most of the time, but that’s not the point. She nurtured my interest and maybe even lay the foundation for what has become a life-long passion. And even if my wardrobe didn’t end up being as colourful as hers, I’m forever grateful for what she did for me, and I hope that’s the kind of grandmother I will one day become myself.

I especially remember one of her purchases – she must have been in her early 70s when she very proudly presented her latest buy, a bright red biker jacket. It summarised her style really well: bright and unpredictable. I really hope I will still be as fashion-savvy at that age.

Inspire don’t interfere
Growing up with a mother whose taste was much more minimalistic and neutral, I probably landed somewhere in between as a grown-up.

After all, I’m sure I’m not the only one who regarded their mother and grandmothers as their first fashion icon and influence. So, absolutely no pressure ladies!

Just remember to let your own daughters experiment and make their own choices, and one day they will probably have found their own style and confidence, but they never will if you don’t let them.

Never stop experimenting!
My grandmother taught me that you have to experiment with fashion to find your own style. Furthermore, you don’t even have to find one style, as you can change it according to your mood and how you feel on that particular day. Just don’t dress to blend in – that’s not having fun at all.

And as I have said so many times before, it doesn’t have to be expensive – quite the opposite. The trick is to look like a million dollars without having spent a million. That’s the true skill, and I find that far more impressive.

Life’s too short to wear boring clothes, but remember fashion looks better when you feel good on the inside and smiles are always in fashion.