CPH Career: Write your CV on your own!

With the autumn months almost behind us and a new hiring season upon us, I am writing to share the secret of being successful with your CV – which I have touched upon before!

Consultants do not recruit!
It’s funny, but working as a job consultant I’m always surprised when people assume I work in recruitment. More than 50 percent of the approaches I receive are about job placements. It would seem that large numbers of well-educated people do not distinguish between consulting and recruiting.

Another common misassumption is that I will write your CV. You have to do it on your own! Over the last two months, I have been approached by dozens of people, who once again would have appeared to misinterpret the consulting part.

Guiding people how to find their strengths, how to express this in structured writing, receiving advice on wording, format and presenting real-life success stories – that is consulting. But it does not mean someone else writes your CV.

Afraid of hard work
Yet, at least 80 percent of the approaches made to me are to write someone’s CV. They don’t immediately demand it, but after a first session, they tend to bring it up, because it’s such ‘hard work’ and they would rather someone else did it – a ‘great’ attitude for finding your dream job!

Again, to all internationals wanting to succeed in Denmark, the Danish labour market is demanding and they will find you out if you don’t write your CV. You have to engage in the analysis of your skills, and think with your own head about yourself.

Realise that it is about you and only you knowing yourself and presenting yourself. No-one else will be at the interview with you or instead of you, nor is any consultant going to write polished references for you.

English, Danish, Danglish
After all, if you can’t structure your sentences in writing, why would I need you in my company? And I am not even going to start on the other big ‘turn off’: using bad English when you also don’t speak any Danish.

Don’t chicken out and procrastinate on your own CV! Rather treat it as a crucial document that is even more important than your passport!