Who are we cheating?

I have just returned from international travel, and over the course of six flights, three hotels and one trip on the ferry, the total number of security checks was 11.

On this trip, my total waiting time mercifully only totalled 80 minutes – on other occasions it has been much worse, particularly as check-in times are often extended to more than two hours before take-off.

And if you’re lucky, you might be kept waiting by the local authorities. At the main Philippines airport in Manila, personnel have developed a scam of imbedding a bullet in unsuspected passengers’ luggage to blackmail them.

Only an illusion
After the atrocities in Paris last Friday, everybody is crying out for revenge and more security. Austerity measures will be implemented. It will result in more police, less legal control and a lot of wasted time for everybody.

But will it really bring more security or will it only reassure the populations that the authorities are in control of the bad guys? The truth is that much of our security is only an illusion.

The few determined terrorists who have pledged to sacrifice their lives in the act cannot be stopped. They do not fear prison sentences – no matter how long – or death.

We carry on and raise the drawbridge so the world does not freeze in fear.

Their security = our security
Real security lies in mobilising Muslims to observe and inform on radicalised individuals before their activities and mindsets escalate into the no-reach zone.

The international community needs to ensure there is no Islamic State caliphate in support. Sunni Muslim states need to play their part too, containing cries of crusade, civil war and Shia/Sunni antagonism.

Focus on rebuilding the once sustainable societies in Syria and Iraq. Only then can we hope for security in the real term and not the make believe we have now.