Business needs talent: A national platform for global professionals

Due to recent changes in our organisation, we found it natural to rethink the Expat in Denmark network as the preferred digital national platform.

The Expat in Denmark platform is open to expats, repats and globally-orientated Danes. The purpose of the platform is to contribute to making Denmark an attractive place to work and live in. It will provide a social and professional network as well as solid information about Denmark.

Overcoming the challenges
We live in a globalised world where people are constantly looking for attractive job opportunities and companies wish to attract and retain the best and most skilled employees from abroad.

However, moving to a foreign country and settling is not always easy and there are challenges – but also opportunities along the way. In this regard, Denmark is no different from any other country.

An umbrella platform
The Expat in Denmark network was established in 2008 by the Ministry of Business and Growth and financed by the ministry up until August 2014, when the Confederation of Danish Industry bought the network. It is now fully integrated into DI Consortium for Global Talent, which I spearhead.

Our focus is to become an umbrella platform in close collaboration with regional and local expat networks and to support them in providing events and activities for global professionals within reach of their local areas.

Involving the companies
We will strive to make it the platform for global professionals. We hope that companies will see Expat in Denmark as an extension of their HR departments, as a supplement to primarily after-hours events for their employees, and as a good forum for foreigners and Danes to get acquainted.

We intend to involve the companies to a much higher degree and encourage them to host events as well as initiate new ones in co-operation with local partners and us.

I therefore welcome all relevant partners and companies to contact us to discuss how we – together – can offer global professionals in Denmark the best social and professional experience.