From Struggle to Success: Three Steps to overcome rejection

It is indeed an exciting journey to become an entrepreneur. The moment when that one idea strikes, you feel like you have all the power in the world in your hands.

The passion and the motivation are keeping the fire alive. You invest months of hard work and sleepless nights, and then the moment you were waiting for finally comes.

You are overexcited and happy, and then suddenly rejections start to fly in from everywhere. You start pulling your hair out, asking yourself what you did wrong.

And the answer is probably a thousand things! As the business guru and philanthropist Bo Bennett said: “A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.”

Don’t give up!
The hardest thing is to not give up, so if you find it impossible to keep going, here are three simple steps to follow in order to overcome the rejection.

1 Stay positive
Look on the bright side – it might not be your day. You should not allow the rejection to replace the passion.

2 Keep on believing
Ask yourself why you started in the first place, and how you felt about it. In order to succeed you need to believe in your idea. You can improvise and go with the flow, but you should always stick to your core values.

3 Take it as an advantage
You have two choices. The first one is to take the rejection as a sign of failure, and the second one is to treat it as a tool to learn from and improve.

Understanding the reasons for the rejections and using them is key to future growth.

Learn to value rejection and never give up on your ideas. Rejection is just another step on the path to success and as Chris Dixon, the co-founder of Hunch, said: “If you aren’t getting rejected on a daily basis, your goals aren’t ambitious enough.”