Ask Shariananda: Working with breathing can help you see the light

My expertise and practice relies on faith healing. It grows out of my religious training and is somewhat shamanistic in its reliance on unseen spirits and forces.

Three levels of healing
Although many fundamentalist Christians might have a problem with my calling on Jesus and using sound therapy (with bells and channelled vocalisations), I have had to be responsive, brave, and curious to find my way to the healing touch of my work.

As a result, each client who comes to see me, whether for pain in their knees or pain in their mind, receives an initial three-tier structured healing with attention to their inner experience and blocks.

Working with breath
The first tier is the blessing of clairvoyant prayer. Here we work with ‘breath’: we breathe together and call in the world of spirit, for God is the I AM.

When you breathe consciously taking in the very essence that the breath is, you also call forth your own divine ‘Made-in-the-Image-of-God’ SELF awareness.

Your healing starts here. We connect. We become one in spirit, and the rest is given.

Deeper meaning
After this prayer, I talk with you about the things you say you have come for. Many, many times what you think you have come to talk about is simply the specific, practical, and physical issues of your life.

But truly there is always something deeper, something of a spiritual message to be revealed, and that is where the magic and wonder start. You nor I never know what that is, but by the time I finish channelling the things from the touch and breath we share, the practical as well as spiritual answers are given.

The revelation or release is often so great that tears or shuddering or unstuck energies within your body start in that moment to release you from the pain.
Transformation. Even if you have no faith, I have enough for the both of us and in that moment of your transformation, I give praise and gratitude.

The power of God
With my hands, my voice, my guidance, I transfer to you your power to see and know. A freedom comes. Not from me, not my own power – for I do nothing of myself – but from Great Spirit, Allah, God, I AM.

All that I do, I do in the name of God. When Moses asked God what His name was at the burning bush, God said I AM. I take a lesson from that.

In your treatment, I ask you to speak your own name and in that you are calling also the name of God. Your name is a name for God when uttered by you or anyone.  If I AM then U R. UR the I AM. This is an empowering chant, an incantation.

Miracles happen
Your healing lies in this moment. I may give you an affirmation, a saying or a Bible verse. I may stop and teach you sacred inner travel, or simply lay my hands, along with yours, on the heart or solar plexus spaces of your body. I may sing or chant. Healing is a many-splendoured kaleidoscope.

Wonders and miracles happen. I believe. I trust. I follow the lead of spirit as I understand it. So goes my advising. No two readings are the same. But I can tell you, you will find wholeness and wellness; you will feel clear and  strong.

But it will be a healing with me, not by me. You already know how to gargle with warm water and salt for a sore throat or how to take a tablespoon of baking soda in room temperature water for a stomach ache. Now you know something more about healing and my approach to it.