Fashion Jam: A vest is for life, not just for Christmas

December is my absolute favourite month of the year for so many reasons.

I love the romance that fills the air, the lights and decorations, the cheerful giving and people being together, and even the cold. Don’t even get me started on the food, drinks and cakes. Everything is just a little bit better in December, which means we should make the most of this time of the year, starting now!

Revisit Decembers past
December means we all have a lot of festive parties to attend, and over the years we have all managed to buy those glittery party outfits that will only be worn once and then hung in the wardrobe to look sad and out of place. They only ever got to experience that one night out and then they were rejected and cast aside.

Let’s change that this season! Let’s think about the environment and reuse what we already have and make it into something new. Let’s take out that glittery pleated skirt and pair it with a big chunky knit and a pair of sneakers and take it to work.

The sequined top that you wore to a New Year’s Eve party four years ago deserves to come out together with a pair of jeans, a blazer and some boots. The metallic trousers that you thought were the best thing since sliced bread, but only wore once, deserve to get another chance with a big turtleneck. Your silk dress will look amazing with a pair of boots and an oversized knitted sweater. And anything in velvet should not be left locked up in a dark closet – it should be frequently used in your daily life.

The options are endless if you start to think about it, and every day in December deserves some glamour and sparkle.

Silk shirts at Studio 54
Silk is definitely one of those fabrics that should be worn more – its seductive lustre shouldn’t be restricted to the bedroom or special occasions. Mix it up with your everyday wear – your body deserves it! There is nothing sexier than a good pair of jeans and a nice silk shirt.

When it comes to the party season, dressing up is definitely back on the radar: real dressing up. Look back to the golden era of night-time dressing: the 1970s. The mood we are looking for is Studio 54 – a convincing case for definitive party wear with no half-measures.

A dress is not the only route to luxe night-time style. The trouser suit makes an excellent party outfit in an opulent fabric like brocade, satin, silk or velvet. Nothing epitomises refined glamour like a well fitted tuxedo.

For maximum impact (and that’s what you want) the details are key to the execution. Apply impeccable make-up and, of course, a red lip, and don’t forget one of this season’s biggest trends: the shoulder-dusting earrings, and the bigger the better.