21st Century Alchemy: Do what it takes to live the dream

Most Danish companies, small or large, have horizontal cultures. Most leaders genuinely listen when subordinates have improvement ideas, while co-workers tend to be team-orientated and support one another in tasks. Yes, everything is awesome… when you’re part of a team.

What’s your dream?
Sadly, I’m not part of a team – at least not yet. I recently applied for my dream job doing my dream work at my dream company – for the third year running.

I don’t have the skills or experience or right education. But this is my dream. And every time this position comes up, I need to apply even though I know I’m not qualified for it – yet.

If your dream is a life dream, does it matter if you’re rejected? Does it matter if you fail? Does it matter that you might have to work for half a dozen shit companies, doing shit work, to learn the skills and gain the experience to get your dream job?

Coping with rejection
So how do you respond when faced with opposition, rejection and failure?

Tragically, a lot of us take what we can get. Others bitch, whine or moan to their friends and this negativity becomes a toxic odour that follows them everywhere, tainting their friendships, future jobs, and even family relationships.

So here’s the secret that separates the winners from the losers: Prepare to fail but never fail to prepare. Don’t lower the bar. Don’t whine. Take it like a champ and learn from it.

Learn – Do your homework
Every time I fail to get a job, I find out who got it (Linkedin stalking). I read their resume and ask how are they better. I look into what I can do to earn the merit badges I’m missing. And then I do my best to get them.

Plan – Make a schedule
Life dreams are a long game, not a short one. Always have a plan. You’ll get there, even if it takes a lifetime.

Persist – Never give up
Martin Luther King Jr once said: “If a man has not discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.” I would take this further: A life dream isn’t just something you’re willing to die for, it’s something you’re willing to live for, striving every day to achieve, even though it may take a lifetime.