The Valley of Life: Look around – there’s a friend!

Given the infancy of the Danish and Swedish national life science strategies, this is a unique window of opportunity to strengthen the co-ordination and collaboration needed to firmly establish Medicon Valley as the leading life science cluster of northern Europe.

Look south, look north
Denmark and Sweden are the only two Nordic countries that can realistically aspire to such an ambitious goal, but we cannot do it individually. Decision-makers in Denmark need to look to the east and northeast, and decision-makers in Stockholm need to look south and southeast.

The international life science companies have embraced this idea even more than the pioneers of our local life science eco-system, as Global Medicon Valley Alliance member companies such as Pfizer, Roche and, most recently, Amgen have decided to tap into the regional Danish-Swedish ecosystem and actively support the development of the regional and bi-national cluster.

Join us and grow!
And for a good reason: during the last 12 months we have successfully organised R&D and business-related meetings, seminars and workshops bringing together several hundred life science executives, researchers, investors and public decision-makers to explore and discuss how best to develop and commercialise existing and future strongholds within, for instance, oncology and microbiome R&D, medtech development, and infertility treatment.

We are already engaging more than 250 companies and organisations, but we have room for more! This is an open invitation to the innovative small and medium-sized companies in the region. Join us, grow your business and become an active part of our vibrant life science community!

‘Yes we can’
At the upcoming Danish-Swedish life science summit on November 4, we will do it again. We will bring together 200-plus life science companies and organisations, hoping once again to bring the regional perspective back into focus.

We have set the scene for a ‘Yes we can’ discussion! As our special guest of honour, we have invited Ibrahim Baylan, the Swedish minister for business, industry and innovation, to come to Copenhagen and help us raise the awareness of Sweden´s potential as a partner.

If successful, the regional life science collaboration can hopefully be firmly anchored nationally as well. Doing that will allow the two leading life science nations of the Nordics to develop a cluster greater and stronger than the sum of its parts – and, by doing so, continue to harvest the fruits of an innovative industry second to none for health-related and economic contributions to society.