We’re welcome – honest!: Our new reality is virtual

Wow, what a ride the last few weeks have been! With the country in lockdown due to Covid-19 and the adjustments needed to facilitate a life that resembles normality, it’s taken time to adjust. 

Hard times for all 
From home-schooling, working at home and the closure of the restaurants and cafes, to children being unable to play in parks, it has meant people have had to redefine their daily routines.  

I’m a mum of to two, step-mum of one, wife and CEO, and I can say hand-on-heart that the last six weeks have been the hardest and most challenging I have ever experienced. As a law graduate, I define what is to come by precedence based on what has been.  

First-time parent again! 
Feeling challenged at every turn, I have returned to a feeling that I can only liken to that of being a new parent and having to navigate and learn as you go along. ‘Winging it’ and making decisions based on no prior knowledge or experience has become a new past-time! 

I’m not a new mum, nor a new CEO, step-mum or wife, but the way in which I manage my company and help to hold my family together has changed almost overnight.  

Shopping for groceries and choosing whether our children can play outside or go to school have all presented decisions that need to be taken – and almost entirely for the first time without precedence.  

Undoubted positives 
But for all the negatives of the situation, there are undoubtedly positives, and I have been overwhelmed by the stories of struggle and success that celebrate life: from assemblies clapping in the street to celebrate health professionals, to those making donations for Captain Tom Moore circling around his garden, and who can forget those balcony parties in Italy? 

Our new reality has become the norm. People taking video conferencing meetings in pyjamas, increased time on social media and online family parties have created a togetherness that can only be likened to wartime stories of camaraderie and solidarity. 

Whilst out running last weekend participating in Danmark Løber (Denmark Running), I gave other runners a wave and a smile and was met with smiles and positivity all the way.   

Virtual existence 
I have attended online yoga, bike fitting and online brand awareness sessions – all whilst wearing ‘house clothes’. 

I am now signed up for a virtual half and full marathon, along with multiple Ironman, swimming and running races – all adding to my new virtual racing portfolio.  

My working day has shifted from events and courses with multiple attendees to online webinars, telephone hotlines and virtual drop-in sessions.  

The virtual world has become a necessary reality that needs to be embraced in order to survive.  

Businesses are adapting to provide online services, home schooling is now structured around Zoom group meetings, whilst my 10-year-old who doesn’t like to read is now embracing books on an online forum that offers a social aspect of speaking about it afterwards.  

It’s lots of change, but not all in a negative trajectory.  

Own your reality 
There is so much happening in the media, with all manner of worrying statistics, arguments, thoughts and assumptions being shared, but now is not the time to be negative. Now is the time to create your reality – one that you wish to be a part of.  

With hashtags such as #anywhereanytime and #anythingispossible trending, I truly believe that our reality, whether it be virtual or otherwise, is ours to define.