Just say it as it is: Think before you communicate 

Arriving in Denmark nearly 13 years ago, I thought it would be an easy transition from the UK. The Danes speak great English, say it how it is and understand irony – should be easy for a northerner to fit in, hey!

I had been working in communications for years, and I had great plans to find a similar role and build my network in the same way as in the UK. As a people person and extrovert, it had always been easy, but like many internationals who arrive with similar hopes, I hit a brick wall in finding a job and building my network in Denmark. 

Not for the faint-hearted
The biggest challenge in the early days was looking for a job. My trip to the job centre was unhelpful, to say the least (cue lots of tears and a phone call to my Danish husband as soon as I left the building). It seemed that unless you were ‘officially’ unemployed, no help was available. 

In my experience, internationals don’t expect benefits, but they do need help communicating what they have to offer. Brushing them aside with no advice seemed counterintuitive when there is a wealth of international talent here.

Fast forward to today, it’s my experience of my own struggles searching for work that enables me to help others. A big part of my role is helping job-seekers to communicate their skills and experience in an effective and dynamic way – helping them to stand out for the right reasons. Job searching is tough, especially during these COVID-times, and you need the know-how to get your CV to the top of the pile. 

SoMe’s your homie
Remember that communicating what you have to offer does not end with your CV and cover letter. How you present yourself on social media will play an important role. It’s worth considering your job prospects every time you post something, as a hiring manager will want to make sure you fit in with their organisation!  

Danes are polite and don’t mind swearing, but be mindful, even on your so-called private social media accounts like Facebook, of how you communicate and respond to others. 

More companies are considering future candidates based on how they appear across all public platforms. Get the right advice when applying for a job and communicate in a way that shows an organisation you are the perfect candidate!