Union Views: Being an online manager (press F5 to refresh your …)

After a year of coronavirus and lockdowns, online leadership is gradually becoming very natural to most of us, and you have probably established your own virtual leadership style. 

But everything online can stall – including your online management skills. Every so often you may need to press F5 and refresh. 

Here is my take on five issues that often benefit from being revisited. 

1/ Keep up to date
When your colleagues are scattered, it is harder to keep each other up to date. This challenges how information is shared by the employees in a department. Communicating both ways is key.

2/ Celebrate victories
Many of us have been accustomed to having a small celebration each time a major task is accomplished. As a leader, it is important to support the culture that was working well before we were forced into new ways of working. Remember to celebrate together, digitally.

3/ Be present
The homeworking/hybrid form of work, especially when feedback is given, calls for new routines in your management role. For some, a weekly 1:1 is the solution – for others more thorough feedback is needed.

4/ Support job satisfaction 
Allow employees to share their results. Remember that individual praise makes us feel recognised and part of something important. Praise enhances job satisfaction.

5/ Well-being essential
As a manager, your role extends to ensuring the well-being of each member of your team. Keep an eye on their physical, mental and social health.