In Winnie’s World: Persistence and resilience
Winnie Tango

December 9th, 2021

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The path to your goal can appear barren, but carry on! (photo: Pixabay)

Let’s talk about persistence and resilience. Both are important on our journey to success: persistence in the pursuit of our dream, and resilience to the challenges life throws at us.

Be brave!
Persistence requires bravery: the confidence to leave our comfort zone, make sacrifices when necessary and to take the opportunity when it presents itself.

Maintain a helicopter view of your dream, as an overview of the little rocks on the journey is key to being resilient on your path to your goal.  

Especially as internationals in a new country, we must utilise our strengths – for example, our understanding of different cultures and markets. 

Don’t succumb to fear
Don’t let fear kill the opportunity; always keep moving. Don’t invest too much thought in worrying about failure. Fretting about customers and finding a market, or failing altogether, will only distract you from the path. 

If you believe in your project and see the opportunity, then your main focus and effort must be on making it successful. 

Channel your fear. Make it the driving force to motivate you to achieve success. Don’t succumb to it. 

Weighing up risk
I don’t mind admitting that I am a risk taker. But really I prefer the term ‘opportunity taker’. This more positive term reflects my optimistic mindset, and positivity breeds success. It’s just a term, but I always maintain that small things make a big difference.

And really, the word ‘risk’ is a little hackneyed. I hear it too many times, and it should not be the reason to give up on your dreams.

By all means calculate your risk and set yourself limits – unpleasant consequences should always be avoided. 

But remember that there are risks involved in almost everything. 


Winnie Tango

There are business opportunities everywhere for expats in a new country, as we all have different backgrounds and skills to stand out: all you need is a crazy gut instinct to discover the gap in the market. Winnie’s real estate business is testament to how one can succeed. Follow her on LinkedIn at ‘Winnie Tang Tango’.


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