Global Denmark: Expat goodclub growing a network and networking to grow

Denmark is an amazing country in so many ways. But my god, networking can feel like mission impossible in this Nordic monoculture with its strict private-public divide. 

That being said, I feel that cultivating a network, in addition to learning Danish and actively participating in Danish culture, is absolutely crucial to integration and thriving in Denmark. 

So, what to do?

This is where and how!
I recently got an incredible outpouring of interest and support after posing a question on LinkedIn: “Are you an expat who loves Denmark but wants to connect more and be part of a deeper, more meaningful professional network?”

My personal experience in Denmark, along with the countless conversations I’ve had with expats, makes me believe that for the vast majority the answer to my question is a resounding yes! Denmark is wonderful … but the deeper connectivity and creation of a professional network is a major challenge.

It is one thing to want to say yes to stepping into the networking arena, but practically speaking: where and how?

Well, I am proud to say that together with the organisation Goodtalks, I will be running an expat network starting in March 2022, which will focus on connecting at a deeper and more vulnerable level, while growing professional Nordic leadership tools with amazing guest experts!

Embracing vulnerability
Goodtalks is a rapidly growing organisation that champions gender equality in leadership, vulnerable leadership and networking focused on giving. 

Recently on my podcast, I spoke to Pernille Sandberg Bech, the Goodtalks CEO, about the power of networking, unglossy leadership and common interests in facilitating networks. 

I have many years of experience with expat culture in Denmark, and I know the benefits of networking across borders and cultures. 

With the network, we want to create a community where expats can share experiences and professional knowledge in a vulnerable setting, while focusing on themes such as leadership, vulnerability, connectivity and the power of networking.

Overcoming challenges
We want individuals in the network to feel psychologically safe and that they are among peers. We want them to feel inspired and to cultivate concrete strategies to lead or navigate the Nordic leadership paradigm. We want them to embrace a platform that enables giving, openness and growth.

I am excited to engage with other internationals who are ready to engage in an open way to grow both professionally and personally. 

I think in doing so we will continue to make the Danish experience even stronger, whilst helping to solve one of the key challenges of working and living in Denmark as an expat.