In Winnie’s World: Support business by helping Ukrainians

Let’s talk about the 100,000 Ukrainian refugees heading to Denmark. How can we help? How can they contribute? What can we do to make it a ‘win-win’ situation for them, business and society?

Sympathise with their journey
I am an emotional entrepreneur and I especially sympathise with the plight of the Ukrainian mothers with little kids who have moved to Denmark, leaving behind fathers fighting for their country

When I came to Denmark from Hong Kong a few years ago with my daughter, I remained persistent in my bid to create my own business in our new home country. 

But of course, not everyone has the drive needed to be an entrepreneur. What we ALL have are special values and talents that we can contribute to society 

Seize the opportunity!
Most of the new arrivals from Ukraine need a platform right now, and in my Winnie’s World I relish the opportunity to create something new and exciting. 

Even if the new arrivals end up staying a short time, our society and business could end up benefiting from the presence of these talented people.

If we can lift them up and help them, they can become a huge opportunity for us.

A benefit to society
So what can we do to help? Already, most of us have donated: mostly our money and time.

And money donations are always a great short-term help. 

But more importantly, we have to create a platform where we can help to realise their true value – particularly if they end up staying for a year or more.

At the very least, it will support their mental health if they feel they are being supported until their country is back on track.

Meanwhile, it will also benefit society to see beyond them as merely refugees. I have talked to many already, and quite a few are educated and specialised in their fields. Others are keen to work. Their strength reminds me of that shown by President Zelensky.

Seek them out!
So what can you do as a potential employer? The very least you can do is explore the opportunity of employing them.

Visit my Facebook page ‘Jobs for Ukraininans in Denmark’ and make a post about the kinds of employees you are looking for. 

Together we can support the Ukrainians to create a great life in Denmark.