An Actor’s Life: Twaddle par excellence

The vote in Denmark to strengthen its connection to Europe and boost its own defence was a positive step. Finland and Sweden about to join NATO is another. 

Ukraine deserves peace
Putin should be taken to The Hague ASAP for war crimes. Any sane person is saddened by his horrific and unjust invasion of Ukraine. He is a mass murderer. He could just do us all a favour and die. 

Scotland lost to Ukraine in the playoffs of the World Cup and will have to wait another four years to try and qualify for a major tournament. The reception the Scots fans gave their opponents was heart-warming and something the Tartan Army can be proud of.  

I hope Ukraine will be un-invaded and a place of peace, sooner rather than later.

Shortcomings … in all units
Talking of awful leaders, Boris Johnson’s latest attempt to distract us from Party Gate turns ye olde, wind-up clock back to 1971, when we still used pounds, shillings and pennies, pounds and ounces, yards, pints, quarts, feet and inches.

The imperial measuring system will, according to the UK’s pathetic and failing PM, be beneficial and enable us to maintain our sense of Britishness. (Sigh.) Oh dear. Even the most loyal and sycophantic Tory MP and supporter must be thinking that this fool has lost the plot. I wonder what ‘Twaddle Par Excellence’ is in Latin? 

Every day we hear of shortages of everything and chaos in Little England. For example: doctors, nurses, fruit pickers, driving instructors and teachers. Anything to do with running an airport is hitting foreseen difficulties. 

Haulage drivers have been in the news again and apparently only 1 percent are women! Any other business boasting that would be dragged over the coals. Women who endure the difficulties of long-distance lorry driving with their male counterparts have to put up with Victorian-style, overflowing and disgusting toilet facilities as they plough the length and breadth of this sceptic isle from dawn to dusk.

Brexit to blame
Blaming COVID-19 doesn’t cut it, Boris et al. The reason, as we all know, is the self-inflicted wound called Brexit. I wish the BBC would be brave enough to say it because it is the sad but inevitable truth. 

People laid off because of the pandemic have had to find other ways to support themselves and to survive. Wages are too low and there are lots of job vacancies, but the levels of poverty in a country that claims to be the fifth largest economy are positively Dickensian and there are approximately 2 million Brits suffering from ‘long COVID’.  

Obviously pro-European 
I can’t write this without mentioning the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Hard right now to hear about anything else for the celebrations of her Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years since she acceded to the throne.  

I have a great deal of respect for her, even though her dysfunctional family are a cause for concern. 

I have the feeling that Liz has always been pro-European and anti-Brexit. She can’t say it, but her choice of clothing sometimes suggests that to be the case. At the State Opening of the UK Parliament in 2017, for example, her blue hat festooned with yellow flowers looked to me like the European flag. 

Boris must go!
Back to the tellers of untruths, commonly known as the Conservative Party. How much longer can they tolerate Johnson as PM? Are they worried about electing a new leader? Does anyone actually want to take over his job? 

The only ‘plan’ the Tories seem to have is to do everything they can to keep Johnson in office. The longer they dither, deviate and defend the indefensible Johnson, the worse Britain will become at home and in the eyes of the world.