Just say it as it is: All work and no play makes Jens a dull boy

With workplaces having to shut down temporarily during the pandemic, some workers have found working from home a delight. But for others, extroverts like myself, it’s been a miserable affair.

I love the buzz of an office and although I am still busy online (I have clients across Denmark and abroad), I crave face-to-face – most particularly our job seeker workshops, which tick all the boxes for me. 

Being able to participate in something I enjoy meets my values of connection and encouragement, whilst building up my energy reserves.

Transitioning back to 9-5
So how have the large companies managed to keep both types of staff happy? 

Some have offered their staff a choice of working from home or coming into the office, but an increasing majority has requested they are back in the office Monday-Friday. 

So how does an organisation manage a smooth transition and ensure staff get reacquainted properly? They can’t rely on a good lunch or install a fancy coffee machine to boost morale – although good coffee is always a bonus. Team building has emerged as a winner.

All work and no play …
Immediately after lockdown, I was asked to come and facilitate team-building activities with some organisations in Copenhagen to help staff reconnect and build authentic relationships across remote offices. With the team together in one location, in addition to the strategy meetings and workshops, I was able to bring some much-needed energy by adding some fun into the day.

It’s been incredible helping companies to gather and to help facilitate and give feedback so they can build a high-performance team and what roles are needed within. 

The team leaders were given an opportunity to show how much they valued their staff and their potential. Not only does team-building identify leaders, but it increases motivation and builds trust.

It’s good to laugh
The best part was seeing the whole team come together, collaborate, tease each other and, most of all, laugh. 

And what better way to find out more about your colleagues than create some competitive games and see the peacemaker, the natural leader or the comedian emerge from the pack!

Organisations that value their staff through team-building have a higher retention rate, more meaningful connections and improved productivity – in the office or working remotely, it’s a winner.