How to de-stress your Xmas

Christmas is here, and with it a lot of stress. We owe it to ourselves to tackle stress , early before we have a burnout or need to take sick-leave. So, here are six top tips for de-stressing your Xmas.

Get stuff done early
If you haven’t booked catering, booked flight tickets or bought presents, start now! It will feel great if everything is done in good time, and you can then enjoy cosy evenings with friends and family instead of running around like a maniac up and down busy shopping streets.

Talk to family about gifts
Sometimes we assume they want something, but in reality they already have a lot of material stuff. Think sustainability too: do we buy something just to give, or can it create value beyond the giving. Think outside the gift box (pun intended). Think gift cards for an experience or some self-care, like private yoga, breathwork or a massage (hint, hint … email me to learn about my gift cards). Or maybe make a donation to a good cause. The recipient might have a charity that is close to their heart, but if not, how about the Earth Child Project, which enables you to gift a child in a township a year of weekly yoga. You will touch more than one heart with this.

Break the routine!
Dance, shake, laugh or do a breathing exercise (yes we want to break our often bad breathing patterns too). Stay with your mindfulness, fitness or yoga routine. This is what we often compromise first when it gets busy. But really, you need to make time for it, even if it’s not as long. Don’t compromise on taking care of yourself! If your company does not offer any Office Yoga, consult online options and maybe even make your colleagues accountable to stick with your routine. You can thank me later.

Take it easy on the booze
In Denmark the time of Xmas lunches goes hand in hand with lots of drinks. Take it easy. A hangover does not only cause additional stress on your system, it will also take productive hours from the morning after away from you.

Eat healthily
Uh, Xmas candy. I won’t go into details about why too much candy isn’t good for you. Rather I want to give some ideas: how you can still enjoy your sweets, but don’t forget your nutrition. Add plenty of natural plant snacks to your Xmas plate, such as oranges (yeah vitamin C), walnuts (great for your brain) or dates (fibre feast!). One candy, one fruit. Reduce the sugar crush and go through Xmas full of vitality.

Treat yourself
Join a mindful, relaxing or self-care event. I have two de-stress workshops at Yogaladen coming up. The wonderful Shanelle and I will be hosting an online self-love workshop. Or maybe your local yoga studio is offering some inward focus classes during this hectic time. Again, during hectic times you must find time for yourself. It enables us all to enjoy a calm and relaxed Xmas together.