Up the Alternative Alley: A diamond in the rough

This farm is a beautiful green oasis and one of my favourite places for a day out in the area around Copenhagen.

Baked goods

Upon arrival at Grennesminde, I usually start my visit in the cosy café right at the entrance to the farm area.

Nestled among the charming mismatched furniture of the old greenhouse, great baked goods are served.

Often there is also a small selection of harvested seasonal greens, along with crafts made by some of the young people working at the farm.

Great greens

Next to the café there are greenhouses with flowers and various plants.

In the summer you’ll also find an abundance of flowers and vegetables outside – you pick and pay and take home beautiful fresh greens.

The greenhouse, offering all kinds of plants for sale, is the perfect place to get inspiration and start planning for your garden or balcony in early spring.

Celebrated goats

Even in winter there are good reasons to visit – especially for families with children.

At Grennesminde they have farm animals like goats and pigs to visit, and also llamas and rabbits and more.

A signposted walk will take you along the perimeter of the area – one of the highlights being the Copenhagen Dome. Not only is it a beautiful, large glass dome to explore, but you can also rent it out for meetings or events.

Sacred Grennesminde

All the young people working at Grennesminde – baking your cinnamon swirls and making your coffee, taking care of plants and feeding the animals – are there as part of a STU (særligt tilrettelagt uddannelse), a special education for those who have a hard time fitting into the standard educational system.

At Grennesminde the aim is to create options for those with special needs and to make sure everyone feels part of a working community.

For the last 35 years Grennesminde has worked with several municipalities and local companies to make sure that the young people can continue from Grennesminde to a real job.

If you spend a few hours at the farm and buy a cup of coffee or some budding flowers for your garden, you support these efforts. Find out more at gminde.dk!

Stately grasslands

On a nice day you might be eager for more green adventures – luckily Grennesminde is near Vestskoven, a large recreational area with hills, forests and meadows, perfect for both biking and hiking.

Read more about it in English by downloading a brochure from naturstyrelsen.dk.

You’ll find more ideas for places to visit in the capital region in my guidebooks ‘The Copenhagen Companion’ and ‘The Green Copenhagen Companion’.

How to get there

First of all, make sure you go to the Grennesminde ‘Økologisk Gartneri’ at Snubbekorsvej 16-18 in Taastrup. They have an office in Birkerød, but that’s not where you want to go.

You can of course go by car, or by train, getting off at either Albertslund or Høje Taastrup stations – perhaps taking your bicycle with you.

Pro tip: if the wind is strong and westerly, get the train there, take your bike, and cycle back with the wind on your back. Grennesminde is pretty much due west of Copenhagen!

I usually cycle the whole way, taking Supercykelsti C99, which is also called Albertslundruten. Find it via supercykelstier.dk.

But for the last part you’ll have to rely on Google Maps.